The season for canoeing in Rogen last from the 15 of june to the 15 of September.

All trips must be booked before arrival.
We always provide shuttle, information, support, canoes, pfd:s and paddles for two persons in the price which is counted on 7 days.
All the trips start at 12.00 for information at Topsport in Funäsdalen. This briefing takes approximately 30 minutes and gives you good knowledge how to do and how to not do. After the information we transport you to your startpoint; käringsjövallen or käringssjön.
We have this service every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the season.
In other words; you have to start and end your certain trip on one of those days. We do not have any canoeing-service on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
The time of the transport back to funäsdalen depends on which trip you have done; Röros 11.30 (back in Funäsdalen 13.00), Feragen 12.00 (back in Funäsdalen 13.00), Käringssjön 14.00 (back in funäsdalen 16.00), Käringssjövallen (back in Funäsdalen 16.00).
The price of the trips is counted on 7 days (ex. Wednesday – Wednesday). If you choose to paddle for example five days (ex. Monday – Friday) the price is the same.
If you want to do a longer trip, the costs for one day extra is 350:-.
We recommend at least 8-10 days for Käringssjövallen – Feragen, 10-16 days for Käringssjövallen – Röros and 6-8 days for Käringssjövallen – Käringssjön.
A mapkit costs 300:-/trip for rental.
If you will be 3 persons in one canoe, the price is 500:- extra /trip.

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