Canoeing in Rogen - Topsport

Käringsjövallen - Käringssjön

If you do not want to do a t/r trip this could be a good choice – a perfect mix of the trips above!

One of our easier tour where you start in Käringssjövallen and paddle via the Vingarna, Tandsjön, Rogen to later explore the small ponds north of Rogen and finish in Käringssjön.

The trip has a couple of longer lifts, Käringsjövallen - The wings, about 700 m, and between Vingarna and Tandssjön, about 500 m, but these are stepped and well-trodden paths.

The trip can be done in less than seven days, but if you want to explore Rogen, you should have a week. Why not mix paddling with hiking up to Bredåsjön, top climbing of the Bustvålen or some other exciting mountain? The area has plenty to explore! For those who want to be comfortable there is the opportunity to stay overnight in STF Rogenstugan. Is there anything better after a long day's paddling!



Recommended number of days: 5-8
Level: easy to medium (no longer portages)
Map: Z59 Rogen 1:50000 and Z8 Helags – Funäsdalen – Rogen 1:100 000
Fishing license: Länsstyrelsen Ruhtven Sihjte and Tännäs Fiskevårdsområde

Dates 2019

Start/end days Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays between 17th June and 13th September 2019 (last start 13th September). There is no maximum limit to your tour duration provided your start and end days are a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.


Start/End Käringsjövallen 1 canoe, 2 persons (up to 8 days)

SEK 3 080

Käringsjön-Käringsjövallen (or vice versa) 1 canoe, 2 persons (up to 8 d.)  

SEK 4 070

Käringsjövallen - Feragen 1 canoe, ​2 persons (up to 8 days)

SEK 4290

Käringsjövallen - Röros 1 canoe, ​2 persons (up to 8 days)

SEK 5040


Extra day(s)/person/day for tours longer than 8 days

SEK 390



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